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Percon-AK 84015AL Star-Quad Black LSZH jacket, 8x4 AWG24. LSZH jacket


AK 84015AL Star-Quad Black LSZH jacket, 8x4 AWG24. It is composed of Quads. It cancels electromagnetical induced noise from SCR dimmer packs, florescent lighting ballast and AC power transformers. It is most commonly found in broadcast applications where it was originally employed because of its excellent SNR ratio capabilities. Specially over longer cable rums. The broadcasting industry still favours it today over many other microphone cable types. O.F.C. cable. Its new design enables you to have the cable ready in two easy steps: cut and solder (the aluminium shield adheres to the jacket when you unsheath the cable and the drain wire remains braided).

Part Number: AK84015AL HF
Brand: Percon
Categories: Multicore, Audio Cables