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Opticis-4-fiber (MM) Detachable optical DVI module (Small form factor)


Optical graphic extension module consists of transmitter module and receiver module, each of which has 4 LC connectors and a 20-pins DVI–D plug. Users could decide extension length at their discretion by choosing the length of fibre-optic cables with LC ferrules at the ends. It offers graphic TMDS signals to be extensible up to the limits of modal bandwidth of selected multi-mode glass fibers, or, 50/125 um or 62.5/125um. A transmitter, 4 VCSEL array inside and a receiver, 4 Pin-PDs array inside has a capability to transmit WUXGA (1920X1200) graphic signals with 60Hz refresh rate. At such data bandwidth, this module can extend up to 1,640 feet (500 meters) much over the limits of copper wire extension, without any distribution amplifier or repeater. The EDID in a display can be read and restored by just plugging it to the display. This self-EDID programming feature makes the installation of M1-201SA more easy and flexile at any variable resolution display systems. The modules are constituted of three parts as follows; - One transmitter converting electrical to optical signals, model name: M1-201SA-T - One receiver converting optical to electrical signals, model name: M1-201SA-R - Two AC Adaptors to 110V-240V with DC 5V 1A outlet

Part Number: M1 201SA TR
Brand: Opticis
Categories: DVI, Fiber Optics Extenders