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Opticis-1-Fiber LC (MM) Detachable HDMI 2.0 extender (Small form factor)


HDMI 2.0 optical fiber detachable extender, HDFX-500-TR, extends HDMI 2.0 signal up to 200m (656feet) and transmits 4K UHD (4096x2160) at 60Hz over one LC multi-mode fiber. Leading-edge technology of Opticis allows long distance transmission of 4K signal without any video/audio degradation. HDFX-500-TR is designed compact enough to be fitted into various installation environments. It gives slim, light, easy installation with perfect electrical isolation, but without electrical hazard and interference. HDFX-500-TR adopted High-Retention HDMI connector, which allows for more retention force than standard HDMI connector, prevents accidental disconnection. HDFX-500-TR is compliant with HDMI standards features like CEC, EDID and HDCP 2.2 for better installation flexibility and compatibility. It also supports HDR to deliver more realistic, and objective video signal. HDFX-500-TR can be operated by either USB power or DDC 5V power from HDMI source (Tx only). Auto Power-Switching feature makes it more reliable on its power supply.

Part Number: HDFX 500 TR
Brand: Opticis
Categories: HDMI, Fiber Optics Extenders